EarthLink Policies and Agreements

Do Not Call Policy

As part of its commitment to comply with federal and state laws and regulations, EarthLink, LLC ("EarthLink") instituted the following Do Not Call Policy which applies to the consumer Internet access and related services offered by EarthLink under both the EarthLink and PeoplePC brands:

  • EarthLink maintains an internal Do Not Call list ("EarthLink Do Not Call List") that includes the telephone numbers of customers and potential customers who have directly requested to EarthLink, or its telemarketing vendors, that they not receive telephone sales calls from EarthLink. EarthLink has procedures to prevent telephone sales calls for EarthLink consumer products or services from being made by or on behalf of EarthLink to telephone numbers on the EarthLink Do Not Call List.
  • To have your residential telephone number placed on the EarthLink Do Not Call List, you may call EarthLink Customer Support at 888-327-8454 or mail your request to the EarthLink Do Not Call Administrator / George Vetrano, EarthLink, LLC, 1439 Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta, GA 30309.
  • Please include your name and the ten digit telephone number you want included on the EarthLink Do Not Call List. If you have multiple telephone numbers, please tell us all the telephone numbers that you want placed on the EarthLink Do Not Call List. If your information changes, please notify us of the new name and telephone number(s).
  • In some cases it may take up to 10 days, but in no case longer than 30 days, from our receipt of your request for your telephone number(s) to be added to the EarthLink Do Not Call List. This record will be retained for five (5) years unless you ask to be removed from the EarthLink Do Not Call List. To prevent EarthLink telephone sales calls after five years, you will need to submit a new request to EarthLink.
  • The Federal Trade Commission offers a free service to consumers that allows them to place their residential telephone number(s) on the National Do Not Call Registry. You may add your residential telephone number(s) to this list either by calling 888-382-1222 or through the internet at Under the federal Do Not Call Rules, telephone sales calls to a consumer with whom EarthLink has an established business relationship are permitted unless the consumer has asked to be included on the EarthLink Do Not Call List.
  • EarthLink trains its employees and agents whose duties involve placing telephone sales calls to comply with the provisions of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, the FTC Telephone Sales Rules, applicable state regulations, the use of the EarthLink Do Not Call List and this EarthLink Do Not Call Policy in performing their duties.
  • The EarthLink Do Not Call List restricts telephone sales calls from EarthLink only. EarthLink may continue to contact its customers by telephone for non-solicitation purposes including, but not limited to, service-related issues, surveys, billing, and other non-sales topics.

Version: 9-30-2017

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